Our Team


Ritjana Ceveli

Chief Executive Officer


Ritjana comes with 14 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equity and Education. She was responsible for execution, investments and restructuring across all Global Emerging Markets and GCC in her corporate days working for large investment funds such as Aberdeen Asset Management, Masdar, Dubai Investment Group, just to name a few. She has always been overtly passionate about training and development as she believes these two components build confidence, stamina and can make a whole difference in individuals lives. She was a speaker for many forums in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahrain, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. She works closely with nationalization programs within the recruitment sector in the GCC and particularly with Emiratisation. She believes in empowering the local workforce to enhance and bring positive changes to their countries. Ritjana is a graduate of London School of Economics and has travelled extensively and experienced residing in many countries around the world bringing a wide range of experience and ideas. Her biggest passion in life is travelling, culture and history.


Ankita Raj


She is a founder of Innovative Minds, which focuses on developing skills around mental maths and Science. She has operational skills and executional skills in project management and is a graduate of Human Resource Management Post Graduate degree specializing in Human Resource Talent Management. 


Yasmin Ghauri

Corporate Business Development Manager


Yasmin has worked for the most reputable and largest corporate international organisations.  Her work experience and speciality culminates from Customer Service, Operations, Negotiations, Training and Development.  A very vigorous and passionate individual who enjoys and understands the art and importance of communication.  Thoroughly explores out of the box innovative ideas and always looking to the power of enhancing and motivating individuals with self confidence and ambition skills.


Ermire Shehu

International Training Consultant


Currently working as a Training and Educational Consultant. A very ambitious individual who is succeeding in fulfilling her potential in her chosen career path. She is also pursuing further studies in Physics at University of Prishtina. She is very passionate about the needs and goals of her clients assisting and advising them of the best possible solutions.


Njomza Shehu

International Training Consultant


Njoma has studied English language and Literature at the Public University of Prishtina.  She thoroughly enjoys the art of English Communication and is continuously developing herself.  A very conscientious hardworking individual with a very  approachable and friendly manner.  Enjoys talking to people and taking them one step closer to their ambitions.


Abdul Wajid

Training Consultant


He  is a  Sales Professional with 9+ years of individual public and corporate sales experience.

Always enthusiastic in searching new horizons, vigorously learning  and developing new methods and  ideas.  Motivated to new challenges with vigour and enthusiasm. Key Strength: Sale and Revenue Generation, Key Account Manager, Client Relationship Management, Acquisition and Retention of accounts and team management.

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