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With the Claritas Investment Certificate, you can easily and effectively enable everyone in your organization to gain an essential understanding of the industry. The Claritas Investment Certificate is a comprehensive global program designed to give all professional disciplines in financial services outside of investment roles a clear understanding of the investment industry and their professional responsibilities within it.

Enrolling in the Claritas Program is your first step toward earning this qualification. At Evanson we have over 8 years of collective professional experience in training candidates towards these exams. We provide a suite of courses with learning materials to suit any budget and learning style.

If you need a final push towards the exam

We are so confident that our approach will work that we offer Pass Assurance at all Levels – attend a Classroom and you can attend the course again for free should you fail.

Evanson training does not only offer Claritas® training sessions but actually prepares you for exams that are assessed and awarded by CFA® Institute.

Regular AssessmentsRegular Assessments

Regular weekly and monthly performance assessment quiz and follow up meetings with instructor.

Free Mock & RevisionFree Mocks & Revisions

Take Mocks and Free 40 hours intensive revision classes without paying anything extra.

Pass AssurancePass Assurance

You can repeat the training in case of not passing the exam.


Flexibility in Training calssFlexibility

Study at your own pace. Courses start every month and you can sit the exam whenever you are ready

Tutor supportTutor support

availability inside and outside class to fully facilitate the candidates and address all their queries properly

Capped class sizesCapped class sizes

So you get more help and support from your tutor


Exam FocusExam focus

See from the beginning how topics are likely to be examined


Training as it should be in CFA ClassesTraining as it should be

Better and comprehensive administrative support. Classes are conducted as per schedule and students are timely informed for all upcoming classes and quizzes.


Free Study MaterialsStudy Material

We use Kaplan Scheweser which is most widely used material in the world.

CFA Exam Free CalculatorFree Calculator

We will equip you with the right tools that includes a calculator you need for exam.

Exam focusFree Materials

Study material for the intensive review courses which includes smart summaries, formula sheets and more practice questions

Free Mock ExamFree Mock Exams

Free three mock exams at the end of the session.


Celebrate SuccessCelebrate Success

Evanson will provide free iPads to all the students who will pass the CFA Level 1 exam.

Our TrainersOur Trainers

Our trainers are not just experienced instructors they are also professional investment managers which ensures real life examples in class and delivering difficult concepts in easy manner.

Recruitment AdviceRecruitment Advice

Free recruitment advice and help in securing a successful career in investment industry through our sister company “Eagle Resource Consulting”


The Claritas Investment Certificate raises workforce competence by helping employees understand industry functions, relationships and their role and professional responsibilities, helping them see where they fit in the big picture.



Stand out in the competitive global The Claritas Investment Certificate helps your organization stand out from the crowd by signaling an institutional commitment to ethics. It also helps your employees to gain knowledge over and above their peers.



The Claritas Investment Certificate provides a common global standard across all functions that will help your employees, your company, and ultimately the industry, perform better together.



The Claritas Investment Certificate gives your organization and the general public greater confidence and trust in the decisions your employees make on behalf of the business, contributing to stronger morale, motivation and loyalty.

What does each exam level Cover?

Module 01: Industry Overview

— The Investment Industry: A Top-Down View

Module 02: Ethics & Regulation

— Ethics and Investment Professionalism • Regulation

Module 03: Inputs & Tools

1. Microeconomics

2. Macroeconomics

3. Economics of International Trade • Financial Statements

4. Quantitative Concepts

Module 04: Investment Instruments

1. Debt Securities

2. Equity Securities

3. Derivatives

4. Alternative Investments

Module 05: Industry Structure

1. Structure of the Investment Industry

2. Investment Vehicles

3. The Functioning of Financial Markets

Module 06: Serving Client Needs

1. Investors and Their Needs

2. Investment Management

Module 07: Industry Controls

1. Risk Management

2. Performance Evaluation

3. Investment Industry Documentation

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