Microsoft Excel Tips by Evanson Training

If you feel bad whenever someone uses terms like Data, Formulas, Cells, Grids, Pivots, Macros odds are that you have been a sufferer of Microsoft Excel.

Well, it does not matter as we all learn from our mistakes and if we are not doing mistakes it shows we are not learning anything new. So, let’s stay confident and energetic while reading this article.

In this article I am going to explain you five (05) most vital tips especially for Beginners. These tips would help you in completing your assigned task in lesser duration.

  1. By default, whenever you are going to create new worksheet you will get 03 sheets despite you need only one. If this is bothering you, it can be changed by following simple steps. Select File menu and then click on the General, and then adjust the settings as per your choice under “When creating new workbooks.” You can set the default Font (including style and size), set view (print view or normal) and you can also direct MS Excel about the number of sheets to create initially.

MS Excel Tips by Evanson Training

  1. It is always easier to work with a range of data by name instead by cell title. To do this, you have to select a whole block of cells and then on the formulas button which is available in ruler – click on “Define Name”. Now enter a name and you can also choose from the suggestions and after this put some summarized information related to the cell so that later on you will identify the purpose of the cell.

MS Excel Tips by Evanson Training

  1. It is easier to recognize the sheets (if you are working on more then one) from their colors. So, I always prefer to give different colors to different sheets. To do this right click on the tab and then select the tab color option and set the color that you like.

MS Excel Tips by Evanson Training

  1. You don’t need to keep pressing the mouse button or selecting cells individually if you have to select the whole column data. Just select the top one and press CTRL + Shift + Down Arrow to select it.
  1. To copy already available data in the lower cell press CTRL + D. For instance, if you have text written in the A1 cell as “Evanson Training” and you want to copy it in B1 just select B1 and press CTRL + D.

Information overload is always bad so I have decided to wrap up today’s session with these 05 basic tips. Stay tuned for the next post in which you will learn more new and interesting features of MS Excel. Meanwhile, I suggest you to practice these 05 and visit this page if you are looking for a detailed training.

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