Team Building


Your success as a manager can often depend on how well your team operates. How are their problem-solving skills? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best? Do they work well together? There have been hundreds of studies demonstrating that human beings function better and learn better in groups. If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members, this workshop is a practical look at current leadership practices that work.

A power packed, energy filled learning workshop. This program brings the team together, highlights commonalities & fosters harmony. If relevant, a few delegation ideas are also discussed.

Through a process of self realization, delegates will be exposed to ideas, concepts and methods that will help build healthy and lasting working relationships with their colleagues. Result orientation and Goal accomplishment is also emphasized. The power of Synergy and getting results through Cohesion is demonstrated through practical exercises.

The science of Communication is highlighted and participants will learn how to use the nuances of listening and non verbal transmission to facilitate team harmony and organizational results. Managing conflict starts with first ‘managing self conflict’. These core ideas help the participants imbibe key principles of ‘Team’ and ‘Results’

  • Develop better communications among team members
  • Build team cohesiveness and thus enable peak performance and goal accomplishment
  • Create higher creative synergies among team members
  • Grow relationships within the team
  • Enhance team resilience through mature handling of challenges and adversity
  • Motivate them as individuals and as a team
  • Teach team members to enjoy the process of working with diverse companions
  • Establish better cultural sensitivity and appreciation
  • Manage conflict by first managing self conflict, then by appreciating different styles
  • Initiate a process of personal and professional growth

Create M.A.G.I.C.

M – Multiply

A – Affirm

G – Grow

I – Integrate

C – Complete

The Magic in YOU!

  • Self discovery and motivation
  • Roles and goals for better team synergies
  • Achieving goals and peak performance with a team
  • Your attitude towards people who are different from you
  • From goal setting to goal getting: team synergy


Using Magic to CONNECT with others – thus manage CONFLICT

  • Understanding different temperaments
  • Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Relate to others based on their temperaments – i.e. their strengths and weaknesses
  • Build bonds in the team
  • Empathy – Different strokes for different folks – meet people where they are
  • Reducing conflict with forbearance!
  • Getting the best out of your team


Learning the Magic of COMMUNICATION

  • The communication process
  • Adapting your communication style to suit different temperaments
  • The power of questioning and listening techniques
  • Great listening methods to better manage conflict
  • Unison and better relationships through listening & questioning– benefits to you
  • Bonding with different cultures
  • The need for you to be flexible – how will you benefit


The Magic of TRUST

  • The power of trust in team building
  • How to build and enhance trust
  • Trust = loyalty
  • Setting the example as a team player or leader
  • Relationships – the key to individual & team success
  • Building your team with trust
  • The root cause of conflict is the absence of trust
  • Higher Trust leads to Better Goal & Result Accomplishment


The Magical STAGES of team development (optional, will be covered only if relevant to this audience, ideal for Leaders)

  • Understanding the relevance and application of these stages
    • Stage 1 – Forming
    • Stage 2 – Storming
    • Stage 3 – Norming
    • Stage 4 – Reforming
    • Stage 5 – Performing
  • Understand why teams achieve or fail
  • Factors that lead to progress or regress
  • Moving your team upwards
  • Managing upwards (and laterally): understanding different styles


WINNING through Team Magic

  • Shedding inhibitions, fears and biases
  • Resilience – managing adversity and challenges in the team
  • Working with synergy under pressure
  • Commitments for change, application and growth
  • Being Result focused rather than work focused


The Magic of team CREATIVITY

  • Synergistic harmony
  • The power of ‘team ideation’
  • Lateral thinking within the team
  • Listening effectiveness and encouragement for brilliant suggestions and goal accomplishment
  • Recognizing and rewarding ideas



  • MAGIC recap
  • Key learning’s
  • An action plan for YOU!
    • Recognize your strengths and accentuate them
    • Recognize your weaknesses and diminish them
    • Basics of human relations
    • Together, Everyone, Achieves, More!
  • Ongoing education tips
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