Stress Management


Stress seems like an inevitable part of life. The demands of work, home, and society can place a lot of stress on just about anyone. This one-day workshop will help you identify your personal stressors and will explore some ways to manage and prevent stress.

  1. Understand stress
  2. Be better able to deal with stressful situations
  3. Become more stress-resilient
  4. Personalize techniques to manage stress
  5. Develop time management and problem solving skills
  1. Defining stress
  2. The causes and costs of stress
  3. Understanding and managing precipitating factors
  4. Holmes-Rahe stress inventory
  5. The triple A approach: Alter, Avoid, and Accept
  6. Being flexible in the face of change
  7. Dealing with anger and worry
  8. Solving problems
  9. Building supportive relationships
  10. Using humor
  11. Relaxation techniques
  12. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep
  13. Making the most of vacations
  14. Redefine your expectations
  15. Getting organized at work and at home
  16. Delegating and saying no
  1. Instruction by an expert facilitator
  2. Small interactive classes
  3. Specialized manual and course materials
  4. Personalized certificate of completion
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