Financial Modelling


You will learn assumptions, projecting income statements, projecting working capital, depreciation schedules, amortization schedules, shareholders equity schedule, discounted cash flow statements, dividend dicount model, and Valuation methods along with Advanced MS Excel Skills.

We are pleased to announce Evanson Training’s Four-days premier Financial Modelling in Dubai on  19, 20, 21 & 22 July 2017 at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Standard Price AED 3,500 per delegate.

  1. FOLLOW a logical, structured and disciplined approach towards model building.
  2. BUILD a model (or significant parts of one) from start to finish.
  3. LEARN a model (or significant parts of one) from start to finish.
  4. UNDERSTAND better how to tailor the outputs of the model towards end users and interpret the results.
  5. VALUATE and Study techniques to analyse Firms, IPOs and FPOs using Financial Modelling.
  6. INVESTMENT appraisals can be valued with accuracy with hands on Financial Modelling for e.g.. Private Equity/ Venture Capital Investing

Ideal for people working in or seeking career in Investment banking, Project management, Equity research, Business planning & strategy, Private equity funds or commercial banking.

A must have for CFA & FRM candidates.

This program is suitable for people in investment banking, project manage- ment, equity research, business planning, strategy, private equity, funds or commercial banking. It is also ideal for people who want a career with any of the above activities.

The program assumes you have basic knowledge of MS Excel. We will teach you various features Excel as part of the course, it is advisable that you know how to use Excel.

DAY 1 – The Rules

Financial Modelling Principles

  • Using Excel for financial modeling
  • Best practices to make models
  • Modeling growth drivers, depreciation, cost drivers, asset & debt schedules

DAY 2 – The Magic

Valuation Principles

  • Projecting cash flow statement
  • Circular references and handling them
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Valuation using DCF & Comps
  • Scenario analysis and Building valuation dashboards

Day 3 – The Secrets

Advanced Functions, Tools & Charting Techniques

  • Advanced Tools in Excel for
  • Auditing Financial Models
  • Mastering Financial Functions
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel

DAY 4 – The Fun

Using Macros & VBA for Financial Modeling

  • Understanding Macros & VBA for Financial Modeling
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel
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