Critical Elements of Customer Services


Have you ever encountered an unpleasant customer and not known what to do? Do you worry that you’re not assertive enough with demanding people? Do you struggle to solve problems? Do you know who your customers are? Do you have individual and organizational goals to strive for?

This two day workshop will help you in all of these areas, and more!

  1. Recognize that service delivery is an individual response value
  2. Understand how your own behavior impacts the behavior of others
  3. Develop more confidence and skill as a problem-solver
  4. Communicate more assertively and effectively
  5. Learn some ways to make customer service a team approach
  1. Who Are Your Customers?
  2. Understanding and Meeting Expectations
  3. Your Self-Image
  4. Meeting Expectations
  5. Setting Standards
  6. SMART Goals
  7. Telephone Techniques
  8. Communication Skills
  9. The Talkative Caller
  10. Dealing With Difficult People
  11. Steps To Problem-Solving
  12. Resolving Conflict
  13. Service PRIDE
  14. Acting Assertively
  15. Managing Stress
  1. Instruction by an expert facilitator
  2. Small interactive classes
  3. Specialized manual and course materials
  4. Personalized certificate of completion
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