Basic Excel Training

Your First Step to be Your Best

In today’s fast-paced, technical business environment, numbers are everything. A lot of our success relies on how well we can deal with the data and information – statistics, planning, reporting – that we experience every day. We figure out how we are getting along and find our next strategy by contemplating numbers. An undoubtedly powerful tool for doing this is Microsoft Excel.

Whether you are new to Excel or an advanced user, our courses will cover what you need to know to become an Excel power user.

  1. Master Excel formulas and functions
  2. Design and organize professional looking worksheets
  3. Add charts and graphs to give your spreadsheets a visual punch
  4. Copy, move, delete, insert or replace anything in your worksheet with ease
  5. Build formulas and shortcuts

Getting started:
•   Spreadsheet terminology
•   The Excel environment
•   Navigating a worksheet
•   Using a template
•   Entering and editing data
•   Entering and editing text and values
•   Entering and editing formulas
•   Saving and updating workbooks
Modifying Worksheet & Functions:
•   Moving and copying data
•   Moving, copying, and viewing formulas
•   Absolute and relative references
•   Inserting & deleting ranges, rows, columns
•   Entering functions
•   Auto Sum
•   Other common functions
•   Text formatting
•   Row and column formatting
•   Number formatting
•   Merge Cells
•   Apply an Auto Format
•   Apply Styles
•   Entering Data
•   Using Flash Fill
•   Using Auto Fill
•   Editing Data
•   Adding Rows and Columns
•   Checking Your Spelling
Managing workbooks and worksheets: 
•   Viewing large worksheets
•   Printing large worksheets
•   Working with multiple worksheets
•   Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas
•   Usingmultiple workbooks
•   Linkingworkbooks
•   Usingspecial number formats
•   Workingwith themes
•   Otheradvanced formatting
Outlining and subtotals:
•   Outlining and consolidating data
•  Creating subtotals
•  Cell and range names
•  Creating and using names
•  Managing names
•  Data structure and tables
•  Sorting and filtering data
•   Working with tables
Building Formulas, Shortcuts

  1. Instruction by an expert facilitator
  2. Small interactive classes
  3. Specialized manual and course materials
  4. Personalized certificate of completion
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