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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is basically an accounting specialist who actually inform business about financial events and decision. There are many people who has started working as an accountant and have obtained CMA equivalent designation prior becoming CMA certified.

Salary Range:

CMA qualified individuals usually demands high salary and the salary bracker is in between $70,000 and $95,000 per annum. How it Benefits? Once you have passed your CMA test you are eligible to apply for a job in any part of the world. Here are some tips which will help you in becoming your CMA certified professional.

:: Method 1 of 2 – CMA Preparation ::

1. Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics. You need to ensure that the program that you are going to opt must emphasis on Business Studies for instance; Business Law, Business Management, Marketing, Taxation etc. There are many people who opts dual majors in Business & Finance, or they opt minor in Business Administration. Even if you are not sure that you want to be a CMA or CPA, still you have to take minimum 24 hours of business related courses in addition to the accounting ones.

2. Apply for internships while on summer vacation or during your school. You should target internships related to the accounting or finance. It will help you to improve your skills which are necessary in seeking a good business position.

3. Apply for membership in IMA [www (dot) imanet (dot) org] You seriously need to get this membership, this will cost you in between $40 and $200 depending on the level that you are going to opt. Once you have got the membership then you will be having an access to exam preparation, employment boards & other courses.

4. Apply for a full-time job as a financial manager or a management accounting. 02 continuous years working in these fields is mandatory to receive your certification. So, you should grab a position related to these fields in any company at your earliest.

:: Method 2 of 2 – CMA Certification ::

1. Apply for the 2-part CMA program at [www (dot) imanet (dot) org] You need to pay 225 USD to become a candidate and if you are a student and already have membership at IMA you just have to pay 75 USD. After paying the requisite fee, you are eligible to sit in the exam in next 03 years.

2. Consider taking a CMA exam preparation through your university (if you are studying) OR from any reputed Training Institute. As per IMA’s recommendation student should have dedicated minimum 60 days (02 months) of study prior sitting in exam.

3. Purchase a CMA exam test. You will be required to get 01 test in first year of getting the CMA program. The price of each test would be 350 USD.

4. Supply the required documentation to the ICMA in order to be eligible to take the CMA exam. When you are done with the purchase of 01 exam, ICMA will review your records. You need to get copy of CMA Handbook to review all requirements before sending your documents.

5. You have to sit and pass the exam in 03 years of starting.

6. Once you are passed and considered eligible by the IMA, you can start working as a CMA qualified.
If you are facing any problem in understanding all this and you are living in UAE, I highly recommend you to Visit This Page and learn more. Moreover, you can also contact and speak with their representative for expert opinion on all this.

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