Vision & Mission


Aiming to get the best out of our clients, Evanson Training believes that our progress shoots out of our clients’ success. We seek to accomplish this mission with cutting-edge research, modern and rigorous course materials and expert professional trainers.

We are extremely proud of the range of opportunities that we are able to offer. This is reflected in the number of courses and variety of subjects, which range in level from introductory courses through to certificates and professional qualifications. Learning is the key to a successful future.

Dynamic markets and increasing rivalry require organizations to remain competitive in order to succeed. We can help better set you up for these

challenges. Through our diverse range of public courses and events, we give you the advantage you need by providing you with the latest industry knowledge, business information and training. This allows you and your employees to keep ahead of the game.

A course at Evanson Training is any individual’s next step to achieving the up-to-date skills and knowledge and the associated qualifications that will put individuals in an excellent position in the very competitive job market of the future.


We help organisations and individuals achieve results in the areas of Finance, Accounts, Reports, Audit, Work Management and Operational Efficiencies.


Our team of experts can help you select the right initiatives, deeply customize our training solutions to fit your world, and excel at delivering your training through our network of top-rated facilitators, who have frontline industry experience.



We take the time to listen and understand your needs and your situation. And then we define training objectives.

Careful need analysis helps us develop training solutions in the context of addressing your specific objectives.


After successful completion of training we direct you towards productivity and performance, under guidance of industry experts in our network


Our specialty is our ability to precisely meet your training
requirements through partnering


We use a trainer-led approach to develop training materials. This is further integrated with the clients’ need for continual feedback and adjustment to the creation of instructional materials. Benefit of this approach is that once proficiency can be defined in measurable terms then these skills can be delivered and post-training proficiency can be measured in specific areas. This approach provides sound decision-making to identify the who-what- when-where-why of training and ensures that training and support materials are developed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our content development continues through instructional design, subject matter expert review and quality assurance. This comprehensive process allows creation of complete and consistent training packages across delivery modalities including PowerPoints® and interactive training excercises. Our experts can develop blended solutions to meet your employees’ diverse learning styles.


Our administrative team focuses on the skills, knowledge and abilities required to deliver your business results. We work with you to establish metrics and processes to measure the effectiveness of your learning and development program and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Inspire your employee performance through coaching and constructive feedback.

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